Campus Chaplain


My name is Dr. Nick Petrov and I am thrilled to be serving as chaplain and assistant professor of religion at Missouri Valley College. My primary role as chaplain is to serve as pastor for the Valley community, claiming God’s grace and guidance in the midst of our daily life. I serve students, faculty and staff, and by extension, families and alumni. My ongoing hope is to give spiritual support to the existing work on campus in all divisions. To that end, I am present in convocations, classrooms, athletics, artistic performances, and various events. I also seek other informal opportunities to be a visible and accessible presence throughout the week as well as activities that are designed to bring hope, encouragement, and support to our students.

I am a clergy and have served in Europe and in the United States as a senior pastor. As such, I officiate holy Communion, baptism, holy matrimony, and direct seekers to be admitted in one of the many local churches in Marshall.  In the face of tragedy, I offer burial rites, consolation, and walk with those who mourn. Please know that I am available for spiritual direction and counsel as desired.

One aspect of Missouri Valley College that appeals to me is the diverse representation of faith traditions on campus. My ties with the Church and the fact that I am a clergy person do not mean that my serving as a chaplain is offered only to Christians, or it is even explicitly religious.  The philosophy of the chaplaincy at Missouri Valley College is non-denominational and interfaith in approach so everyone can be encouraged and inspired in the way that best suits their own background. My ministry to our Valley family is based on each individual’s background, beliefs, and needs. I also realize that some have deep religious roots while others have no religious affiliation and I am there to support each one in a special way according to their needs.

Valley is a great place, and all who enter our College are seen as unique and beloved individuals and are supported in body, mind and spirit. I am happy to be part of such a great institution that supports the needs and resiliency of our students.

My door is always open and I love to spend time with people – it’s the joy of my day! Please feel free to drop by, call, or email me at any time.


Dr. Nick Petrov
Assistant Professor of Religion & Campus Chaplain
Office: Ferguson Center 227